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The Toa Vela were the elite Toa team from the story The Past Hurts and another story about them.

Toa Jovana is the Leader of the Toa Vela.


The history of the Toa Vela will be revealed soon......


The Toa Vela went on to aid the Toa Tela at Vela Point. When Toa Reniax told the Toa that 3 Makuta were coming. They ran towards the incoming Makuta. Toa Reniax shot a beam of Light t each of the Toa Vela killing all of them except Toa Jovana who dodged the beam. When Toa Reniax threatened to unleash a Nova Blast and kill all the Av-Matoran and then did, Jovana became a Turaga To stop the blast. The Makuta Tela later killed him.


Toa Vela (Formerly) (v|e)
Toa Jovana   (Deceased) • Toa Hanua   (Deceased) • Toa Ignia   (Deceased) • Toa Artis  • Toa Kria   (Deceased) • Toa Niatie(Deceased)