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Toa Desa is the Legendary Toa of Space, he Rules Vela Nui, for he made it along with his team of 9, his Team was called the Toa Kela.

The formationEdit

Desia and the other Toa Kela were in a furious battle against heaps of Makuta. Terihax was a normal soldier there. The 6 Toa Kela threw their elements at the leader, the elements clashed and destroyed the Leader but the elements mixed, creating Vela Nui. An army of Toa was on the horizon, to of air flew at the Makuta. The Makuta then fled. The Toa Kela then decided to keep the island and make it a home to all.


The holder of ElementsEdit

If any of the Toa Kela are killed (Which is almost Impossible) their elements will go out of control on Vela Nui.