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This is a story involving Toa

Chapter One[]

I was finally waking up. I Master Toa have woken up. I saw the Toa Nuva fighting a Kanohi dragon. "HELP us Master Toa," Tahu said. So I ran and used the lightning element. It stunned him but not for long. "Gali make it wet," I shouted. Gali used her water blast to make it wet. Then I used the Lightning element to take it down. It fled but it made a crack in the ground. "AAAH,"Pohatu screamed. I teleported him back to ground. Then an explosion occured It wiped us out. I woke finding out that we were chained up. A Makuta came with a Vase and opened it then this weird air came up and surrounded the makuta then went inside the makuta. Then the Makuta talked but his voice was something they heard before.

TO BE CONTINUED..............

Chapter Two[]

It was TERIDAX. "How are you back alive Teridax," Tahu said. "It's easy after I conquered Mata Nui's body I channeled my spirit into my servant," Teridax said. "Good Bye good luck on your new planet." "Don't you dare banish us," I said. "Not them you," Teridax said. "NOOOOOOOOO," I shouted. I woke up, this person came to me. He had a stinger and a sword. He attacked but I was a Great being. I knew what this creature was It was a Vorox. Then a erruption occured a crack in the ground appeared. I fell but a hand grabbed me and pulled me up. I was afraid and I was petrified. I found out he was Mata Nui! "Hello Master Toa have you been banished too?" He said. "Yes," I said. "Come on then you don't want to stay while it's dark,"He said. He took me to vulcanus. I rested in a hut. I wondered will I ever get back.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Chapter Three[]

However on Mata Nui, The turaga was wondering how to get me back. They had an Idea they set up a Toa with the ability of astral projecting. He astral projected to a hut where I was resting. He woke me up, "What are you doing here" I said. "I'm here to take you back home," He said. But soon later he was losing his concentration. He disssapeared into thin air. On Mata Nui he was there. "What happened on that planet," A turaga said. "Everything so different," He replied. Moments later he was in a coma


(Please note there will be no continueing part)