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Tablet of Contents

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

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This story revolves around the Kingdom of Alithia and the Ghosts of Nynrah.


Chapter 1[]

Nynrah after gaining Lezk's body and changing it.

I fell to the ground, my head throbbing. I could hear him running away, laughing. A Toa but insane. Is this death. It was too late for anything. rolled over hoping that I would be ok, but my vision was fading. The Manic laughter was fading. Life was fading...

I was standing up again but not as I remember. I couldn't feel the chilled wind on my face. I could see my body on the ground, the insane Toa laughing, I needed my revenge. But how could I. I realized it soon after, I'm a ghost, but I'm not the only one. Others surrounded me smiling at the thought running through my non-existent head. Take over their bodies, but how.
The Toa stared into thin air, but was looking at me. I heard his voice.
"Toa Lezk winz every battle."
I couldn't stand looking at him, after all he killed me. I left the scene hoping that in time I could take over his body, but yet again the same though invaded my

20 years later

I could hardly believe it, I had done it. The way to slip into another's body without their resistant. But only one would be able to and none of my people could follow me until I created a machine to create bodies.
I was now the leader of my very own species named after me, the Nynrah Ghosts. They were faithful in my decisions.
Toa Lezk had destroyed many villages in the Kingdom of Alithia, my old home. I intended to inhabit his body but there would be one major catch. Everyone would believe I was a murderous lunatic. I had watched as the Toa of Air had blasted down innocent civilians. His gray and green armor glinting in the sun and his manic laughter. His Kanohi Hau was a help to him as he could block anyone trying to ether pelting him or trying to kill him. He was now known all over the city and had a squad of five Toa after him. After a group of six standard Toa (Toa of Fire, Water, Air, Stone Earth ad Ice) had been killed at his hands they decided to take a different approach. The New group consisted of a Toa of: Light, Sonic, Lightning, Plantlife, Magnetism and Acid. The leader wa the Toa of Sonic named Krakant.

Quickly I hovered into the house I had been working in. The Matoran inhabitant had to be influenced by me to help me. Now he was hard at work creating a sort of Soul Slinger. But I would need to get Lezk to a location where it could be shot. It had to be created in such a way that it could slip through a Hau's shield. This was the first piece of Nynrah technology.
The first piece of the plan was in place. My Ghosts would work together (it is very hard to influence a Toa) to influence Lezk and lead him to where the Matoran was. I had sent a few to do this. Now all I could do is wait.

The time had come, Lezk was on his was to the house. I had to pour my soul into the Slinger. I could hear the sound of feet. The moment I had been waiting for 20 years was finally here. I saw him standing there.
A stream of green flew from the Slinger into Lezk his soul left, mine entered. I felt it once more. The wind on my face. Sand got in my eyes and I reached out to get it away and a blast of air came from my hands.
"I am a Toa of Air. I am Toa Nynrah. Toa of Air."
I felt the rush of excitement in my body as my heart raced. I propelled myself into the air using the wind currents to keep me afloat. I smiled remembering my old life as a warrior for the Kingdom. But my weapons were plagued by the thousands of live they has stolen. I landed and cast them aside. But a Matoran had seen me. He took of towards a cliff. He had decided he would take his chances with the cliff rather then this insane Toa. This is what Nynrah had been scared of.
The Matoran took off, so did I. He jumped but I couldn't let him die. I reached out with my powers to propel him towards me, then I caught him. I released him then he stared at me.
"Why did you save me Toa Lezk?"
"I am not that being. My name is Toa Nynrah."
The Matoran shook his head, "That being is dead."
"No. All that lives lives after death. My life was taken by Lezk. I only shot my soul into his body pushing his out."
The Matoran was eyeing me strangely, "If you are who you say you are I must take you to Alfix. He can read and scan others minds. I must take you to know for sure."
I nodded knowing that this might be the salvation I needed.

20 Minutes Later

The Matoran was leading me into a large building. I guessed this being was the leader of the village.
"Atoam, I seek your guidance. A being who wears the face of the insane Toa Lezk claims to be Nynrah."
The giant being turned his head to look at me. His vision was reaching into my mind. I allowed him to search, "This being it Nynrah in the form of Lezk. He apparently shot his soul into Lezk's body. Does this information follow what you were told???"
The Matoran nodded.
"Zezalk, he will not be welcomed by the others, considering what Lezk did to them."
A loud bang emitted from the door.
"Toa Lezk, we know you're there. Come out before we have to blow down the door." That was the voice of Toa Krakant.
"Krakant, it's not Lezk, please come in we need to tell you something."
The door creaked open and six Toa warriors were standing outside, "From what I have heard I think that Lezk must come outside.
"Listen to use Toa. We need to talk. This is not Lezk."
"Atoam, leader of the village Hakes you will be taken to Lord Kalesk as well. If you refuse to come out then you will all end up dead."

I decided that I shouldn't endanger anyone else's lives. But I needed to try and tell Krakant who I am and what happened.
"Toa Krakant, Toa of Sonics, you must hear my story."
The Toa of Acid began to snicker, "Lehrae, lets let the traitor speak."
"I am no traitor, that was Lezk.My name is Nynrah. I was killed by Lezk 20 years ago. Since then I became a Ghost. With the help of others I managed to launch myself into his body knocking his soul out of the body most probably destroying it."
Lehrae was about to fall over with laughter but the other four remained calm and cool, "Atoam, is what he says true?"
"I have scanned his mind, everything he says is true.
Krakant nodded.
"Take him to Lord Kalesk and let him judge."


The form of Lezk was unseeable by the naked eye. He was a Ghost, but would never admit it. As far as he was concerned he could now insult people behind their backs. But no, he had a plan, the same that Nynrah had before him, but to another Toa, one of another element.

Chapter 2[]

Taznt was walking quickly through Hertam, Lord Kalesk had recently told him that he was to join the six elite Toa and become the seventh. He was a master of Fire, very skilled, brilliant mind, but dislikes fighting. He would do anything to save his home world.
He heard a Matoran scream, he ran to where the noise was coming from. It was the same place where Nynrah had taken over Lezk's body.
"HElP ME!!!" the scream rattled his head.
He took off, high speed. Flame appeared in his palms ready to launch at any moment. He arrived in and saw a Lezerak assaulting the Matoran, he launched it smashing into its face, he then grabbed his flame lance and sliced it landing on one foot.
"Thank you."
Taznt smiled, this is what he was made for.
Suddenly a green stream flowed form a tool beside the Matoran. Instead of Taznt's soul being taken out it was destroyed. The new beings eyes lighted.
"I'm back."


I was walking beside his newfound allies. Zezalk and Atoam. Also with them were five Elite Toa escorting them to Lord Kalesk. What would happen if the Lord was corrupt and knew it was me but said it wasn't. Well, he had to hope.
"Welcome to the village of Century, home to the Ce-Matoran," Atoam announced.
I had been here before but it had looked different, "What happened here?"
"You, I mean, Lezk came here and attacked it. him here but the battle took you to Hertam."
I nodded, "I know that part but sludge from the Great Swamp was never here."
Atoam realized that I was right. He ran around a corner and shouted, "The Ce-Matoran are being attacked by the Lezerak!"
No more Matoran would die today!!! I took off into the Sky even though I had no weapons. I could see a large group of Lezerak so that was my destination. Upon arrival the Ce-Matoran looked horrified to even see me.
"I am not Lezk, call me Nynrah." I used the current wind to create a blast and throw it at Lezerak. I flashed a quick smile then departed to find Krakant and his team.
I found them having already fought a number of Lezerak, "What's our next plan of attack???"
"I'm sorry but you need to stay here, this is to dangerous for a...well you." The took of into the Swamp.
I grunted. I would have to wait for them to come, say, where is Zezalk and Atoam.
I soon saw Atoam walking to me with Zezalk in his arms. I rushed over to see what had happened.
"He took down two Zezalk but the third almost killed him. He will be ok. Where are the Elite Toa?"
"They took off into the Swamp to find the Matoran that the Lazerak had stolen."
"Nynrah, you need to help, they can't win alone."
I nodded and took off into the Swamp to find the Toa and help them.

I arrived to see that two of the Toa are down, The Toa of Magnetism and Plantlife. I had never been told their names. Lehrae was throwing acid at the Lezerak and Krakant was using sonic blasts as his main was of attacking. The Lazerak were very good at adapting to anything but were easily defeated when they were taken by surprise, so thats what I would do.
I leapt into the air and created a tornado in the middle of the Lezerak. In ten seconds five had been defeated. The Toa of Light was attacking from the sides and the Toa of Lightning was shooting at the swamp water to zap only the Lezerak. They were all taken out in a matter of seconds. But it was then I saw what was happening to the Matoran. Over time they would mutate into the Lezerak. They had become half Lezerak, but I bet that Atoam could heal them.
I asked the Toa of Lightning whose name was Nyghre to quickly find and get Atoam there. She agreed and made off for him. The four of us then tried to stop the Mutant Ce-Matoran from leaving.

Atoam arrives quickly with Nyghre. He manages to heal a few of them but the rest were to far through the mutation.
"What do we do with them?" I asked.
"I might be able to help, there is 50/50 chance of the surviving," Lehrae forced a grimace.
"Do what you need to do in order for you to save them," Krakant said.
"But I will need to do this alone, anyone who is exposed to my powers could be endangered."
"We understand. Save them brother," Nyghre just wanted them to be safe.

We left Lehrae to do his work, one of the Matoran approached me.
"My name is Centune, I am the leader of this village, please allow me to travel with you. I need to do something to help our world."
I smiled, "I'm sure Zezalk and Atoam won't mind you tagging along."
"I know you are not Toa Lezk, us Ce-Matoran can peer into peoples minds, you are something different."
"My name is Toa Nynrah, originally just Nynrah," I told my story to this Matoran, he showed that he was willing to believe me. Something I needed now more then ever.
Suddenly I heard someone scream, so did everyone else. We all walked to where Lehrae was working. He had cured a Matoran. It turned out he had not seen us. He then swiftly sliced the Ce-Matoran in half. Krakant came out of the Jungle, "Lehrae, we all saw that!"
The Toa of Acid smiled, "I know you did!" he jumped into the air to slice at Krakant but the Toa of Sonic was amazingly skilled, he sent beams of sonic vibrations at the Toa catapulting him into a tree, he then bought his sonic lance to the Toa of Acid's neck.
"How dare you."
Lehrae smiled, "I dare." he darted out of sight using his mask power.
Krakant fell to the ground, "Another Toa falls victim to insanity."
"We need to stay here and rest, Centune, would you mind???"
"No in the slightest, you can stay in the inn if you wish."
I nodded.


Lezk began to laugh manically. He sent a giant flaming Tornado which started ripping Hakes into pieces. It made everything easier when he learned that Atoam was gone. Matoran were fleeing, their lives depended on it. After all Lezk was not merciful and would not stop for a moment.
He turned around, he could see hundreds of Nynrah Ghosts standing round him, waiting for something. "Nynrah betrayed you all, he took a body but left you all to stay! Now we can do what he did and take bodies to exact revenge on the traitor."
The ghosts nodded.
"Now, everyday Matoran are being mutated by the swamp. I think that their mental barriers will be down when they start to transform. Then you get them."

Back to Nynrah

I was sending blasts of air tearing towards the Lazerak. Zezalk was beside him cheering, but something was wrong. The blasts turned themselves round and jetted towards Zezalk and pushed him off a cliff to his doom.
My eyes snapped open, it was a nightmare, but engineered by someone. I had felt Lezk's presence while that nightmare was occurring. I was trying to make Nynrah scared of using his powers. That couldn't happen.
Lezk is alive, I knew it. Maybe he was a ghost, or something else. But for now I have to go to sleep.


I was walking out of the village, we had decided to help raise the defenses of the village because Lezk was out there.
"So, where to now?" I asked.
"Fate is the next village. Home to the Ba-Matoran."
"Well then, lets go!!!"

Chapter 3[]

I laughed, for now I was happy that I had Centune and Zezalk, they were truly great company. Atoam was ahead scouting with Nyghre and Starlint, the other three Toa were with us.
"Ba-Matoran, I heard that they had been attacked recently."
My smile instantly turned into a frown, "By whom?"
"That's the thing, he appears and then disappears."
"We need to defeate this being, after all the Ba-Matoran were almost destroyed once before, but not again."

They arrived into the city, parts were on fire, others were scattered everywhere. But one building was standing in the center, unharmed, untouched.
Me and the others enters, inside were Ba-Matoran everywhere, but they were fine.
"What's happening?" asked Nyghre.
"He will be coming again. For us."
I left the others and walked outside. I saw eight Matoran under a burning hhouse about to get killed, "No time, outside quick of we will lose lives!!!"
The others rushed out and saw what it was all about. A few minutes later everything was finished, two hadn't made it. "We better get inside. We don't want an... un wanted visitor.
We started to go inside when a blast of fire erupted out of no where flying for Zezalk. He closed his eyes bracing for death. It never came, instead a Ba-Matoran was hit to the ground.
"You saved me..."
"Don't mention it, I managed to absorb some of it in a Gravity container but some got to me," his voice was weak.
"Come with me," said Atoam lifting the Matoran and taking him inside the building.

I needed to know who attacked my friend and all of the Ba-Matoran, he needed to pay. The Toa had decided to come with me but I said for them not to.
No far in the search the being attacked us but this made it easier to catch him.
But then he decided to confront us, face to face.
"Who are you," I felt like taking his head off.
"My name is Rift, I was only created a few days ago. My duty is to destroy the villages of Alithia."
"Then I will have to stop you!!!" Krakant launched himself at Rift, aim his Sonic Lance at his neck, but Rift casually blasted him with fire and kicked him to the ground. Krakant was back up once more but was disarmed and thrown against a wall. He slumped to the ground. Not dead, just defeated.

Nyghre was fuming. She leapt into the air and swatted Rift to the ground with a stream of electricity. She then dodged a fireball and spared with him. After smashing him in the gut with the hilt of her blade she swept her palm to his face and sent him flying across the landscape.
She was panting after all of the energy she had used.
The next part was the saddest part. Nyghre had been limping towards us when Rift's blade had been flung through the air and was imbedded in her body. She was breathing but barely.
Rift came into our view, he was laughing manically just as he had when he had killed me. But Starlint had witnessed enough. He made Rift surrounded in magnetic waves that was pulling everything towards him. Unfortunately he managed to melt them all without much problem. He then unleashed a flaming Tornado at us. We tried to blast it away but it had no effect. This would be the end of us all.

Starlint managed to pull hundreds of pieces of mental at the tornado smothering it forcing the flame out of it, I used my powers to pull it out of existence.
Rift was gone, the coward escaped. Nyghre was dead, Krakant was injured. Nothing had gone to plan. This had turned out to be more eventful then we had hoped.
The Toa were mourning. They would have to or else something would be wrong with them. Nyghre had been a warrior but everyone has their time. Krakant asked if she could be bought back like I had been but I explained that not everyone becomes a Ghost, only a few. I was luck that I had.
Starlint pulled the remaining strands of Metal over her body. We would have stayed but we had to move on. Kalesk needed to see that I am not Toa Lezk.
Nasta then approached me, "I am sorry for your loss great Toa. I understand that you must be moving on but I will travel to the end of Fate with you."
Krakant accepted the Matoran's offer, after all, he had saved one of our numbers from death.


Lezk was moving quickly through the swamp, he had spotted someone using it for a route, and no one ever travels through the Great Swamp without trying to avoid capture.
Suddenly a knife was up at Lezk's neck.
"State your business Toa!"
"Your running, well you're in luck. So am I."
"Who would you be running away from. Bad Eggs, Gas Problems?"
"Watch your mouth. I want to kill Nynrah and his little team and my guesses are SO DO YOU Lehrae!"
"Who are you?"
"Toa Lezk. Please to meet you. Yes I was insane. No I'm not now!"
"Ok what's your plan."
"Centune had left his village to travel with Nynrah. They have no leader."
"So you want to attack Ce-Matoran who have no leader... let's do it!"

They arrived to attack the Village to find that they had stepped up their defenses. One, they had higher walls and more guards. Two, the Ta-Matoran were with them. But would this stop them, hell no.
Lezk pushed himself to blow the wall down, success. Spears were hurled through the air and stabbed him in the shoulder. But he jut pulled it out.
"Great plan Lezk, now were getting pounded!"
Lezk was about to retort when a huge boulder smashed into his face, he was about to throw a fireball but it went off-course and hit Lehrae in the head.
"Grrr, retreat?"
"Well naa, we don't want to end up dead you DULT!!!"
Lehrae stared to consider ways to hurt Lezk and almost started laughing at a few.

They decided to travel through the Swamp as Nynrah and Krakant would have notified the Matoran of two insane Toa by now.

Back to Nynrah

"That aught to stop Rift if he ever comes back!"
When Nasta had saved Zezalk from Rift he had used the Gravity Container. Now they had made it so they could fire whatever was held in them. But that was not all they had done. They had taught a few Matoran how to fight, then the chain would start and more and more would learn.
"What's the next village Atoam?" I hadn't passed this way for over twenty years.
"Moonwell, village of the Ga-Matoran."
"Nasta, this is farewell."
"No it's not."
My eyes widened, "What?"
"I'm coming with you if you'll have me."
I looked at Centune and Zezalk who were both brimming over with excitement, "Nasta, welcome to the team!"
Nasta smiled at me and ran to Zezalk and Centune, they instantly started to talk.
"Well, Moonwell here we come, and please don't be under attack.

Chapter 4[]

Moonwell is a village completely underwater. Each house or area was in a giant bubble that was connected to the surface. But something was not right, after all, nothing is ever right in Alithia.
Hydrowalkers are giant two legged beings. Each one can almost down a Toa of Water in their own environment, this would be a problem for the us as this was our their terrain. The Hydrowalkers' were everywhere, in every building area, that would present a problem. The second thing was that a large group was coming towards us.
"Um, Krakant, we have a little problem."
Krakant wheeled around and saw what I was talking about. "Thorn!!!"
He also saw the problem but was not phased by the army heading towards us. He reached out with his powers making the seeweed grow and wrap around them, a few were killed instantly as it was pulling hard but one sliced it getting the rest out.
"Ok, now we have a problem!" Krakant was franticly thinking o a plan but I had one.
A giant underwater Tornado tore through the Water straight at them getting them taking them away.
Swimming towards us were a huge group of Ga-Matoran. One (who I guessed to be the leader) approached me. "I am Arcis, leader of Moonwell, save us, get our village back, we can't live like this.
"I smiled. "Aren't you thinking something???"
"Well I know you're not Lezk as the message has made it through Alithia and that you are traveling to the Lord, he is the only one who doesn't believe it. I said to my people I would help take the Hydrowalkers down so here I am. Now let's go!"
Zezalk and Nasta swam over to where I was. "Ohh, she's pushy." Nasta laughed.
Arcis glared at him. "One bubblehouse is their hive, there are hundreds of them there, plan, bring it down."
Krakant approached us. "Not a bad plan, but I guess it is guarded???"
"Hell yeah!!!" Arcis's face was giddy with excitement.

Arcis was too ready to charge into battle, that was a little bit annoying, but she had her heart in the right place. She had a good plan, after all, they would not expect us to attack after what they had already displayed. But the bubble shields were not only air they had a shield, so we would need to get close. Inside close.
I darted to Arcis quickly. "So what's the history of this place, it seems amazing.
"It was. This was the heart of Alithia. It was the center of attention and was a sign of heath and vitality. Just as Lenra was. But like the village of Air this place was destroyed. We had to rebuilt, but the threat of the Hydrowalkers was always there. They never leave us. When news of Toa passed this way we knew you could liberate us. I told the village that, and that I would help you in your attack."
"You're a very noble Matoran Arcis."
"It's a gift."

I found the history of this place a tiny bit disturbing. The Hydrowalkers could have just destroyed it there and then but they choose not to.
We started our attack plan. We would attack from separate sides. All the Matoran together. This was it!
I started by attack, holding my guns together and making sure my air bubble was full, at the same time I replenished the others. Not a moment later a Hydrowalker speed up to me and kicked me in the gut. I fumbled and sliced in the wrong direction. The Hydrowalker now had the upper hand. It was about to plunge it's sword into my gut when it suddenly started having spasms. Its eyes opened and it looked at me blankly for a second.
"Hello Nynrah!" its fist collided with my head and I was sent sinking to the ...I wouldn't die again! I secured my weapons and charged the Hydrowalker.
"I thought you brainless beasts couldn't talk."
"You abandoned us."
My eyes widened, "What did you say?"
At that very moment a Nynrah Ghostblaster bullet struck it on the side and it slumped to the ground. Dead.
I had changed the Ghostblaster. My original design could control robotic beings. These ones were designed to hurt... kill. Zezalk had shot the Hyrdowalker and saluted to me. I nodded.

I had downed about 10 guards and counting. I was at the entrance. The others weren't yet. I had to wait to we could take them out by surprise.
When they had arrived we silently moved in.
The laugh was familiar, Rift had got here. He approached us clapping his hands.
"Well, I never suspected you would be dumb enough to come in here. But, we learn something new everyday. Now, with departing words I have something to say. KILL THEM!!!"
He quickly darted out, quicker then the eye could see.

Arcis snarled savagely at a Hydrowaker and assaulted it. Swimming onto it's back and decapitating it. The other three Matoran followed by example. Atoam blasted them at high speed swinging his body so quickly it was almost a blur.
Now for me. I got ready to pour my powers into the water when hundreds of powerful currents smashed into me knocking me out of the bubble. This was not good. The Hydrowalkers could manipulate Water. Just as I was about to shout out to the others they were knocked out. All but one. Toa Thorn was inside. Lashing out with giant vines. But it was not enough, he charged at the exit but the Air Bubble would not let him out. He was getting swarmed.
I had an impulse to try and save him, make the Air Bubble let him out. But even if I tried my hardest there was no difference. He was trapped.
He looked at me and winked. He raised is armored arms and pulled them down. Massive vines sprouted at the top of the cave and rocks started to fall. Before we could get there he and all of the Hydrowalkers had been killed.

Rift darted back and glared at us, "How does it feel, three of the elite To are dead. Tsk, Tsk."
Krakant was about to attack Rift but remembered their last... mishap.
"Ahh they do learn. Meet you in the next village, or what will be left of it," he darted away once more and all that remained of him there was his manic laughter and the destroyed cave that housed the dead bodies of the Hydrowalkers and Thorn.

We didn't waste any time at all, if Rift was traveling to the next village he would get there before any of us could get there. Arcis decided to come with us, as she felt responsible for Thorn's death, Krakant reassured her she wasn't but she still felt bad all the same.


Lezk wasn't far behind Nynrah. Him and Lehrae had a mission. But they would need to surprise the Toa for it to work. But word had spread of someone else working against Nynrah. They thought the perfect opportunity had just sprouted.

Chapter 5[]

Vacuma was in flames. I was too late. Rift got there first. I presume all of the Ci-Matoran to be dead. My eyes traveled and I could see hundreds of dead Matoran.
Arcis looked sad, "They never even got a change."
"That's what happens when someone's fury is unleashed on the world. Death, Death and by the way, did I mention Death?"
I winced at Nasta's idea of a joke. It wasn't the right time or place.

We started a search, to see if any Matoran could be alive. We split up. Atoam and Starlint were one team, they set off to the north of the village. Zezalk, Centune, Nasta, Arcis and Starlo to the east. Krakant and I would serch the rest as we had more speed. The only real reason he came was to keep an eye on me.

A few hours slipped by with no one finding anything. Buildings would fall and explode.
"I think Rifts still here."
Krakant nodded, "Just waiting for us to spring the trap. Let's hope you and I do. I want to kill him for the pain he's caused."
I gave a quick grunt. Were could they have gone???

The Lion Spirit

A few hours later Atoam contacted us (he could communicate using his mind) and said the others had met up with them, no luck. Something caught his eye.
Nynrah had the ability to see ghosts, spirits. This was because he was once one. But this was like nothing he had ever seen. It looked like a giant Cat Rahi but it was looking straight at him. It nodded. It leapt onto a building that wasn't on fire. It averted it's ghostlike eyes to the swamp. Wait... The Swamp!!!!

After telling Krakant we both took off, not bothering to tell the others, we had no time. They didn't know the Swamp changed them. If they had been there for hours it would bee too late. While running I send Atoam a quick message "Swamp".
A Matoran could be seen ahead. A Ci-Matoran who had not changed. I took off hope had flared in my chest. But just as I got to him the change hit him. First his hands changed to claws, then his feet as well. A green glow surrounded him. He started to mutate. But then a red glow started and he stopped changing. I spun around to see Atoam there with the others.
A few days ago Zezalk ad walked on the swamp. But had not changed, this puzzled me but then Atoam told me that they would have to be injured.
He staggered forward and I caught the Ci-Matoran.

Something wasn't right. I felt a sudden change in the air. Rift. I spun around still holding the Matoran. He stood and looked at Rift.
"What did I say???" a blast of Air tore towards me, it would have hit me full on but it didn't. I wasn't the only one who was puzzled.
"Oops, I may have missed out that I have slight powers over Vacuum," Rift eyes widened as the blast that he had originally sent hit him square in the chest.
I looked at the Matoran, "How???"
He smiled, "While I was turning into a Lazerak someone changed the cause of the swamp water to turn me into one of those Vacuwalkers. That tapped into the powers locked inside me. Now I have some, but only a little."
My mouth was wide open, I wouldn't have been surprised if a Nui-Rama could fly in there.

But no time for happy thoughts Rift was back on his feet, but was not alone. Lehrae was there.
Krakant growled but Lehreae smiled, "Say cheese!!!"
Acid sprayed all over us but I managed to stop some from landing on us.
Krakant hit a tree with such force it snapped, "The coward flees."
The Matoran fell to the ground, I noticed something tied around him.
The rope around him pulled and he was propelled into the air, Rift pulling. I was only one who could fly.
"LET'S TAKE THIS TO THE SKY!" I went straight into the air, charging at full speed.
The showdown in the Sky had begun.

I was propelled into the air, my jetpacks fuming from the speed I was going at. This was it, my chance to take down Rift, but would I be powerful enough to?
I knew it was a trap, who cared when the stakes were high, death was no option.
I could see the Ci-Matoran agreed. He whipped around and slashed his bonds, thin using his newly grown wings he kept in the air and came near me. We nodded and took off.
This reminded me of my past. Rushing into battle without the upper hand, in fact the opponent having definite victory.
Rift knew air was no option, even to try knock the Ci-Matoran off course would be settled, he would have to resort to the powers of fire. Flame erupted from around me trying to smother me with it, the Ci-Matoran shot it with a small blast of air but that barely helped. I was falling to the ground screaming as I went. But all of a sudden the flames came off me, below I could see Atoam smiling.
"Show 'im what you've got!"
As I returned to the sky I saw the Ci-Matoran was gone, he was in Atoams arms and must have fell.
Rift looked proud, "You're Warriors always seem to willing to die."
"You're one to talk," I growled back aiming my blasters slowly.
He lunged and I blocked, he was using the air to guide him... oh what fun it would be to distort that. A smile lashed across my face.

After what felt like hours I was ready to end it. Approaching him I started a Tornado, us in the center. He couldn't stop it, but we would go down together. Now was my chance. I shot the bullets that got caught in the Tornado. I kept them from leaving, if he left at the exact time they could strike him.
I saw the two bullets about to collide so at that very second I shoved him into the middle of them, getting struck on two different parts of his body. I then knocked him to the ground. I had won. It was a great feeling.

When I retuned down Rift was gone. Atoam explained that Lehrae had arrived and taken him away. That only meant one thing. The next village would be in trouble. The Ci-Matoran whose name was Vasta decided that he would come. Others wouldn't recognize him and he would need to use his powers to help. Vacuma would rebuild after time. Two-Dozen Ci-Matoran survived. They would fix the area. But we couldn't rest. Who could when lives were at stake.

So our group: Atoam, Starlo, Starlint, Krakant, Zezalk, Centune, Nasta, Arcis, Vasta and I set out to Icern, it was situated near the great Waterfall. A frozen area but the Waterfall was still liquid.
The universe could not wait much longer. Here we come.

Chapter 6[]

Icern, village of Ice

My feet hurt, my body hurt. But most of all... my heart hurt. I had seen enough of bloodshed for my lifetime. But I had to clear my name. I couldn't give up when I had come this far.
I had to try and stay happy, for the Matoran's sake, my hope was their hope.

Things were bad. Somehow Rift had managed to stay one step ahead of us everywhere we went, now he had been united with Lehrae, which also wasn't good. But I'm sure that if I lay a blow right on his....
My thoughts were cut off by Krakant. "Te village lays ahead. Now we need to run. They can't cause any more havoc if we arrive, they will be forced to..." THUD!!!! A giant slab of Ice smashed into his back.

The village was unharmed, but something wasn't right. This village was located up a mountain, underneath the Great Waterfall of Icern.
My body was hot, but how could it be, we were in the coldest region in Alithia.
I quickly moved to a smaller waterfall, and washed quickly, but OUCH! The water was boiling! I withdraw quickly.
"Krakant," I shout and he come running, he almost fell over and looked saw from the slab of ice., "Something's not right here."
He looked at me blankly then his expression hardened, "Like..."
"This," I guided his hand to the Water and he shouted in pain.
"I see."
"Rift couldn't do this could he, he wouldn't be capable, would he???"
Krakant at the Waterfall once more, "Hard to tell, but I guess there is only one way to tell."

We made it up the slope, pieces of ice continued to fall but we eluded it. I had to fly the others up which was a bit of a pain but it needed to be done, for this cause. As I was flying up Arcis and idea invaded my mind and Arcis almost fell off my back. When we were all assembled I told them what I thought.
"What if Rift isn't attacking the village, he's melting the ice to destroy the others by a flood. He's going to brake the dam. We need to go, find him."
The other nodded, Krkant was about to argue but Starlo gave him a stern look and he instantly shut up.

We searched but I soon realized it was pointless, he would of fled, the coward. He wouldn't stand and fight, like any of my friends (and Krakant).

"Miss me."
I was about to retort when I realized I wasn't talking to Rift or Lehrae.
"Lezk," I growled his name, not hiding the hatred in my voice, "You think you can beat me by entering nightmares, or doing this! No, you're weak, like the first time we fought, I was weak too."
"Yes, but I can't see any changes here." He flashed a very ugly smile that reminded me of a constipated Takea Shark.
"I've picked up the odd trick along the way," flame erupted in his palms.
"It's been you all along, you started the melting, you're Rift!"
"No, Rift is me, I am Rift. But not in that way. Your machine was only made to do it's work once. It... broke after you used it, making a copy of me and propelled him far away."
"I started towards him, thinking of the most painful ways I could kill him, but I'd rather do it quickly, I don't get enjoyment from torturing others.
"Now Nynrah, taste the true power of Flame!"

Lezk using his powers over fire at Nynrah

The fire enveloped me, pain spread throughout my body, it was killing me. I couldn't attack, my body was too sore for that, but I could do something.
A shield surrounded me as I activated my Hau. Lezk couldn't touch me.
"You were a saw loser Nynrah, face the facts. I have the Matoran. They're in a hut at the bottom of the mountain," his fists clenched and as a result a massive explosion racked the area, "And the Waters one step ahead of you." He let off laughter and flew into the air. I would have taken him then but my first impulse was the Ko-Matoran who were trapped, they needed saving.

I jumped and my Jetpacks aided, so did the wind. I could see the waves curling out lashing out at the countryside, so beautiful, but destructive. I was not Toa of Water but I could try to help.
I made it in front of the Water and used my Mask to create a shield stopping the Water from moving. If I let it go the Ko-Matoran wouldn't be the only ones in danger. Beneath me Starlint was hard at work making a new dam, Starlo fusing the pieces together.
My vision was fading. Hope started to leave me.
What can I do. It's not only them fighting, I thought. And even if Lezk and Rift are downed more and more will come.
BUt Arcis helped in Moonwell, not willing to give up, wanting to help those who gave her purpose.
I flashed a smile to myself, If Arcis or anyone else was in this position they wouldn't give up, so why should I.

I remembered the past times in my life, happy times, sad times and the disappearance of the Lord of Alithia. That was the greatest mystery of the past Thirty Years. But no one knows what happened. Kalesk just lead an everyone instantly trusted him. But that made be think, haven't I already lived my life? Sometimes we live too long...

"It's done Nynrah let go!"
And so it was. I let go of everything, weapons, conciseness (but not sanity). My limp body plummeted to the ground. I had done it.

1 Hour Later

My eyes snapped open, the ground was moving beneath my feet. I was being carried... of course I was, we had to stay ahead. Electra couldn't be harmed now that we were in front (Aotam had sent the others after Lezk).
I told Atoam to out me down. I was, after all, alive. For a few seconds I struggled but I was soon on my feet, fine, alive.
On our was to Electra the others filled me in, a Matoran named Icoe had pointed them in the right direction and wishes to help discover this mystery.

Suddenly a giant being born from flame and electricity towered into the sky. And started for us. This wasn't over by a long shot!

Chapter 7[]


  • Nynrah - Main Character
  • Lezk - Toa of Air and Fire
  • Zezalk - Ta-Matoran
  • Krakant - Toa of Sonics
  • Atoam
  • Lord Kalesk
  • Lehrae - Toa of Acid
  • Taznt - Toa of Fire (Deceased)
  • Nyghre - Toa of Lightning (Deceased)
  • Centune - Ce-Matoran
  • Starlint - Toa of Magnetism
  • Nasta - Ba-Matoran
  • Rift - Toa of Fire and Air
  • Thorn - Toa of Plantlife
  • Arcis - Ga-Matoran
  • Starlo - Toa of Light


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