Biographical Information
GroupUnemployed Glatorian
ColorsYellowish Orange
HomelandSpherus Magna
ToolsUnknown, if any
LocationBara Magna, wastelands

Telluris was a member of the main Glatorian species, but was never a Glatorian.


After his tribe was nearly extinct by a plague, Telluris was sunned by the other Agori, as they feared that he, and the other survivors, carried the plague. At some point, he built the Skopio XV-1, inspired by the Skopio creature.

After the Shattering, Telluris ended up on Bara Magna. On occasion, he got information which he traded to the Rock Tribe.

Alternate UniversesEdit

In the Deserts of Death, Telluris was told to deliver some vital information to Atonsa and Catar. When he told them he had vital information from their leader, Catar denied that it was them Telluris was searching for. After a sort while, Kiina took his vehicle and forced him to come with them, believing that he knew more that he told them.

Telluris was then imprisoned in a cell. An Agori named Gequ and a Glatorian named Icus were appointed to guard him. He was due to be excecuted when he managed to escape his cell and set Atero ablaze. He was then confronted by Malum and Kyry, who destroyed his vehicle. Telluris then fled from Atero.