Biographical Information
TribeWater Tribe
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsGold, Light and Dark Blue
OccupationGlatorian of the Water Tribe, Member of the Order of Tollubo
ToolsThornax Launcher, Blades
  • Main: Alive
  • Alternate:Deceased

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Tarix joined the Order of Tollubo and was the secondary Glatorian of the Water Tribe. He then attended an Order meeting and was taken to Roxtus, to free the other members, where he managed to escape with his life.

When he returned to Tajun, he was forced to fight in the Glatorian secondary championship, which was cancelled as the Sand Tribe attacked Tajun. He then challenged their leader to an arena match and won, however, the leader allowed him to win then impaled Tarix and took the city anyway. Tarix's body's current location is unknown.


Order of Tollubo (v|e)

Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

Leaders: Betak  • Tollubo

Members: Eselox  • Scotar  • Malum  • Kyry  • Kiina  • Atonsa  • Leeb (Formerly)  • Esora  • Gladium  • Strakk  • Gelu  • Natrix  • Kirbold  • Icius

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Allies: Jollun  • Glon (Deceased)  • Saran  • Orsta  • Tarduk (Deceased) • Mahu (Deceased)  • Glonor  • Kran  • Metus (Deceased)  • Jaox (Deceased)  • Staron (Deceased)

Water Tribe(v)

Glatorian: Kiina  • Tarix  • Watius

Agori: Berix  • Scodonius  • Kirbraz  • Betak  • Faine  • Mever