Biographical Information
TribeJungle Tribe
ColorsLight green & Dark Green
OccupationTreasure finder
ToolsClaws and spikes.
LocationBara Magna

Tarduk was an Agori for Tesara. He scavenged the sands of Bara Magna, searching for anything valuable, especially for anything from before the disaster and Treasure.


An Agori met Tarduk on behalf of Raanu to ask for the help of Gresh to save the Village of Vulcanus. He said he would introduce the Agori to the Glatorian Gresh. He did not believe that the Agori could survive in the forest so he asked the Agori to go fin an Ancient Scroll to prove that he could. The Agori did so and then Tarduk presented the Agori with another Honor Badge.

Tarduk was assisted Kirbold, Gresh and Strakk in transporting Exsidian to Vulcanus after a Glatorian from the Ice Tribe lost an Arena match. Tarduk then went to Atero to assist on some maintenence work to the city's arena and found a metal tablet with a map of a Red Star on it. When Crotesius found him and insisted he joined his expedition. Kirbold later tagged along with them to explore the northern parts of Bara Magna. The group were later followed by a pack of Wasteland Wolves until they were lured into their hive. Tarduk said that they should ride through the Pack but Crotesius knew that their mounts would not go. A Glatorian name Surel stopped the wolves. He was badley damaged and had a walking stick. He informed them about the coming of the Elemental Lords.

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Desets of Death Universe, Tarduk asked to join the Order of Tollubo by Berix but he declined because there were not many members at the time. He was part of the Iconox resistance team following the invasion of the Skrall. He survived the attack on Iconox only to be eaten alive by Zesk in an attack in the wastelands.


Tarduk uses his fore-claws and hind-claws to attack and defend himself. He also had two shoulder mounted blades.


  • The set Tarduk contains 17 pieces.


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Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

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