Biographical Information
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsDark blue, white
OccupationIron Wolf pack leader
ToolsDagger, walking staff

Surel was a member of the Glatorian species who was wounded in the Core War and left for dead.


Core WarEdit

Surel faught in the Core War, under command of the Elemental Lord of Ice. He also took on the responsibility of training the Iron Wolves, so they would attack everyone but members of the Ice army. However, Surel was badly wounded by an unknown attacker and left to die by his own army. But Surel survived and when the Great Shattering occurred, he took refuge in the White Quartz Mountains, where he found a pack of Iron Wolves, who he had trained in the Core War. The pack they provided him with food, shelter and protected him.

He has lately saved Tarduk, Crotesius and Kirbold from being killed by, the Iron Wolves, when they stumbled into their nest. He tried to discourage the Agori by telling them their quest was too dangerous, but the Elemental Lord of Ice appeared, creating an avalanche headed directly for the nest. Luckily, it was countered by a blast made by the Elemental Lord of Fire. Crostsius said that the Elemenal Lord of Fire saved them but Surel said otherwise, he said they were fighting eachother. He then told the Agori that they seeked the Red Star, which Tarduk, Kirbold and Crotsius were looking for too. He said that if the looked for it they would end up dead.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of DeathEdit

In the Deserts of Death univierse, Surel was never wounded in the Core War, and went on to become a Glatorian in the Ice Tribe. In this universe, he joined the Order of Tollubo and managed to attend the meeting that later resulted in the attack on Roxtus.

He later managed to escape with some of the other Glatorian, being forced to leave the Agori behind.

He retreated to Iconox, where he participated in the Glatorian Championship finals with the Jungle Tribe in Tesara. However, the event was called off due to a Skrall attack. Surel was in the rebellion force. He managed to escape and witnes numerous encounters with enemies and befriended Toa Mulon.
When Gresh told them that he was a traitor, Surel tried to detain him, with the help of the other Glatorian. However, Gresh managed to slice off Surel's index finger as well as land several deep cuts to his arms. Surel was knocked unconsious when Strakk reappeared by smashing a hole in the volcano and knocking both him and Gresh off their feet.


  • According to Sands of Silence, Surel weilded an Axe that had enchanced electrical abilities, allowing Surel to incinerate others. However this was only in the Deserts of Death Universe.
  • Surel's canon appearance was designed by Vastolorde of Kanohijournal.
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