"An elite warrior never surrenders his weapon."
CGI Stronius
Biographical Information
TribeRock Tribe
ColorsBlack & Rred
Occupationspecial forces Skrall
ToolsThorned Club and Thornax Launcher

Stronius is a member of the special forces in the Skrall.


Stronius was once a Skrall with no name, but he was different. He was stronger and more agile. He also was a member of the special forces. After the Energized Protodermis was discovered he fought in the Core War on Spherus Magna. He was a great soldier and because of this he received the name Stronius! While the Shattering was occurring, Stronius was blocked from their home, like the other Skrall.

When the Baterra ere killing a huge number of Skrall, Stronius managed to kill one of them, he discovered that they were machines. Tuma ordered that the Skrall leaved their new home in search of a new one, to avoid becoming extinct. The Skrall then moved to Roxtus.

One year later, Stronius and Tuma travelled north to meet with the Sisters of the Skrall. The Leader of the Females let Tuma speak but she asked that they lay down their weapons. Stronius refused saying that "An elite warrior never surrenders his weapon." After that Stronius was hit with a powerful mental blast forcing him to his knees and put his weapons down.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Stronius was Rotam's right hand Skrall and was responsible for cathing Tuma betray the Rock Tribe and start the battle at the gate to Roxtus.
He then had to hold Tollubo while Rotam turned him into a Shadow Matoran but Betak managed to stab him in the back. He survived and was later present at Tuma's exsecution. He then claimed his title as leader of the Rock Tribe.
Stronius then appeared in the war as he saved Atakus from a Baterra and killed Bulrex. He then attacked Kirbold and Natrix only to be impaled by Esora's Katana, have his hand sliced off and his entire head blown up by an explosive Thornax.

Legends of Bara Magna UniverseEdit

In the Legends of Bara Magna Universe, Stronius was a Special Forces Skrall that not only carried a Thorned Club and Thornax Launcher, but also a Saw Blade Shield and a Skrall Tribal Design Blade. He was also a very tough glatorian, just like in the canon storyline.

Weapons & ToolsEdit