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GroupToa Tela (Formerly)
ColorsWhite, Gold then Gray, Black
ElementLight then later Shadow
OccupationProtecter of Vela Nui then Toa Killer
ToolsPower Lance, Midak Skyblaster

Reniax is from the Short story The Past Hurts, and he is mentioned in Destructive Thoughts.

Reniax was formerly the Toa of Light in the Toa Tela team, But then he bacame a Makuta of Shadow, He was Killed by Makuta Terihax.



Reniax was always told when he was little he was destined to be a Toa of Light. He always said no. He never had any friends. Well, One day, Toa Desia, the great Toa of Space, went to Ko-Vela. That is where Reniax lived. Desia approached Reniax and asked him what was wrong, Reniax told him he had no friends, so Toa Desia helped get a friend that friend was a Ko-Matoran named Jeriax, they later bacame best friends.

Toa LifeEdit

Toa Reniax fought with the other 6 members of his Team, The Toa Tela. He liked fighting and killing. His team teamed up with another Toa team called the Toa Vela. An Elite Toa Team. He killed 4 of the members. He later went to Makuta Teridax asking if he could become a Makuta.

A Makuta is BornEdit

He trained for 2 months to get more powerful then he became Makuta Reniax, Makuta of light. But a Makuta could not be light, because they do dark deeds, so Teridax changed him to a Makuta of Shadow. Terihax came and killed Makuta Reniax, he later realized that he killed what he was about to become.


Toa Renaix was one attracted to Light, then Darkness over came him, he was the cheery type, then he was Evil. Toa Reniax is Jeriax best friend.


The Toa Dela are later called the Toa Vela because they are Elite and they protect Vela Nui.

The Force of Tela (v

Leader: Harina

Members: Makuta Nexiax • Makuta Dayiax • Makuta Kuakiax • Kitina • Dark Artis

Former Members: Makuta Reniax (Deceased)  • Makuta Teridax • Makuta Terihax (Deceased)• Makuta Jeriax (Deceased)• Makuta Herilax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk

Toa/Makuta Tela (v|e)

Leader: Terihax  (Deceased) Harina

Members: Nexiax  • Dayiax  • Kuakiax

Former Members: Jeriax   (Deceased) • Herilax   (Deceased) • Reniax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk