Prane Magna was a place that was on Bara magna but then it was seperated from Bara Magna.


Prane Magna was occupied with bone hunters and Vorox. This place was their Main area to hunt. Some Agori come here because you could find rare artifacts on the sand. Many Glatorian had to protect these Agori otherwise they would die. Then during the cor ewar this place cracked off Bara Magna and some Glatorian were left on Prane Magna. This planet's wereabouts are unknown.


  • Rahi
  • Vorox
  • Bone Hunters

Cursed TahuEdit

Cursed Tahu crashed on Prane Magna. When he was sent out to space. He landed here not knowing what lived here. A bone hunter came and attacked him. But Cursed Tahu's sidekick Takboyr saved him but later he was shot by a Thornax. But luckily a glatorian came and saved them both. Then later he woke up in Vulcanus not knowing what happend.

Master GlatorianEdit

Master Glatorian was known to help people around these parts. He was also known for finding rare weapons on the sand. One time there was a Bone Hunter Fortress. He had to take it down. He was also cunning during this mission, he couldn't be seen otherwise there will be an alarm. But no more information is known about this mission