"The desert is a place of extremes. Blazing heat, chilling cold, fierce loyalty... and deep hatred. The Skrall won’t forget this day... and to their bitter regret, neither will I."
―Malum, Empire of the Skrall
Biographical Information
TribeEx-Fire Tribe
ColorsRed, Yellow, Grey
OccupationExiled Glatorian of the Fire Tribe
ToolsFlame Claws, Thornax Launcher
LocationNear Roxtus

Malum was the former Glatorian of the Fire Tribe until he was exiled for attempting to kill an opponent.



Malum was once the Glatorian of the Fire Tribe until he was exiled to the wastelands of Bara Magna for attempting to kill Strakk, who he had already defeated in an arena match.

The WastelandsEdit

While wandering in the Wastelands Malum challenged any Glatorian who he found until he came upon a pack of Vorox. He killed the Leader and then he became it. He led this pack and used it to attack Tarix, Gresh, Strakk and Berix after they had defeated a Bone Hunter. The Glatorian and the Agori managed to fend off this pack until Malum called them off.
Malum and his pack of Vorox were later attacked by a squad of Skrall who were sent by Tuma. Malum was knocked uncontious in this battle and wa captured by the Skrall. Many of his Vorox were also captured.
When he came too, he was in Roxtus. Tuma threatened him by attempting to force Malum into taming the Vorox for the Rock Tribe to use in a military force. Malum refused and was sent into the Roxtus arena to battle two of his Vorox. The Vorox, who were starved and wounded, ateckd him upon being released. Malum ordered them to heel with a jesture of his arm. The Vorox obayed. The Skrall were stunned, they sent one of their kind to test out this technique, however the Vorox did not obay him and killed the Skrall. Malum took his sword and freed two more Vorox. The four Vorox and Malum fled the city. Two Vorox were captured along the way but Malum managed to escape the Skrall.

The OfferEdit

While Malum was in his cave, Ackar and Gelu approached him asking him for help. They wanted him to help attack the Bone Hunter fortress. He agreed. He led an Army of Vorox along with Ackar and Gelu into battle. They were overwhelmed and retreated. They succeeded in cutting down the Bone Hunters Numbers for the Raid.


  • Malum is the smallest canister set to date, measuring a mere 13cm/7inches
  • The set Malum contains 59 Pieces.
  • Malum is Greg Farshtey's favorite 2009 Character.
  • Malum's set number is 8979.
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