Biographical Information
TribeIce Tribe
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsWhite, grey
OccupationMember of The Order of Tollubo

Kirbold was an Agori in the Ice Tribe.


Kirbold's first appearance was in The Crossing story serial where he assisted Tarduk, Gresh and Strakk in transporting Exsidian to Vulcanus after a Glatorian from the Ice Tribe lost an Arena match.
Kirbold then went to Atero to assist on some maintenence work to the city's arena. When Tarduk and Crotesius found a map featuring a Red Star Kirbold journeyed with them to explore the northern parts of Bara Magna. The group were later followed by a pack of Wasteland Wolves until they were lured into their hive. They were saved by Surel, who told them of the dangers ahead of them and warned them of how the Core War still raged on. While this was happening, the Elemental Lord of Ice caused an avalaunche, which he intended to use to kill them, however, the Elemental lord of Fire intersepted it and inknowingly gave them a chance to escape. They continued until Kirbold decided to return to Iconox. However, he returned and managed to save the others from being killed by the Elemental Lord of Jungle.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Kirbold built up a strong relationship with an Agori named Natrix. They both joined the Order of Tollubo when Berix asked him after an arena match.
Following his recruitment, Kirbold was assigned to track down a Bone Hunter named Zant and turn him over to the Order of Tollubo. He managed to trap him in a cluster of trees in Tesara and set them on fire. However, Atonsa appeared and thought he was just damaging her village. She attacked him and challenged him to a knife fight. He barely won, causing Zant to escape.
They then attended numerous meetings until the invasion of Roxtus, where Natrix was supposedly killed. Her death deeply affected Kirbold to a point where he ran straight into one of the Skrall and managed to stab him, risking his own life. Kirbold had to be pulled out of the fighting to be brought to Tuma's Tower, where the team confronted Makuta Rotam and were captured. Kirbold was recently freed along with the other prisoners in Roxtus and is currently part of the rebellion force against Rotam.

He later returned to Iconox and was part of the resistance team. He was present at Strakk's near-death fall and vowed to not let anyone else close to him die.
When he returned to Atero he was reunited with Natrix. Betak then told him of the war with the Skrall and asked him to fight. He refused and left the others in a huff, refusing to fight. Natrix stated that he 'needed to find himself'.


Tethys Expedition Team (v|e)

Leader: Therius

Members: Tollubo  • Eselox  • Kenits (Deceased)  • Rodaki  • Gladium (Deceased)  • Kirbold  • Kran  • Icius (Deceased)