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Jovana is of the story Destructive Thoughts.

SpeciesMatoran, Toa, Turaga
GroupToa Zela
ColorsGreen, Blue
ToolsPlant Launcher, Zamor Launcher


Jovana was once a Matoran, it is unknown how he became a Toa.

Toa LifeEdit

Toa Jovana was one of the 6 Elite Toa on Vela Nui, the Toa Vela. He was the leader. His team was destroyed by Toa Reniax when he betray them an unleashed 9 powerful beams of light. Jovana managed to dodge the blast, but the rest of his team were destroyed. So were the 3 Makuta the Toa were trying to fight. Reniax threatened to unleash a Nova Blast. He did but Jovana sacrificed his power to save the Av-matoran. He turned into a Turaga.


Turaga Jovana lived in Destrialia (A Building in Vela Nui.) The Toa Dela come looking for him seeking help from him. He tells them the story of the Toa Tela. He asks if Toa Kualies can join the ranks of the Toa Dela. They say yes. He meets his destiny when all six of the Makuta Tela combine their powers to stop him from saying any more.

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