Biographical Information
TribeJungle Tribe
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsLight and Dark Green
OccupationGlatorian of the Jungle Tribe, Member of the Order of Tollubo
ToolsThornax Launcher, Leaf Shield

Gresh was a Glatorian from the Jungle Tribe.


Gresh was a young and inexperienced Glatorian. He is still new to being a Glatorian however, until recently, he had never before lost an arena match. Gresh's first story-line appearance was on his way to Vulcanus with Tarix and Strakk to fight an arena match against a Skrall for a water source. On their way the group ran into an Agori named Berix who was being attacked by a Bone Hunter named Fero on a Rock Steed. The group had a brief battle with the Bone Hunter which resulted in him fleeing and making his Rock Steed trample over Strakk. The group was later ambushed by a pack of Vorox lead by a former Glatorian named Malum. The group battled this pack until a group of Skrall came along and finished the battle.

In Vulcanus, Gresh battled a Skrall in an arena for a small reservoir that the Agori of Tesara desperately needed. He lost the fight and was saved from the Skrall, who was determined to finish him off, by Tarix.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Gresh joined the Order of Tollubo. He was captured by Vorox on the way to an Order Meeting, where Rotam stuck a Kraata to his head under his helmet. He was then taken to Roxtus, where he later managed to escape with the others.

He then joined the Iconox resistance team, following the Skrall invasion of the village. However, being corrupted by the Kraata virus from Rotam, he acted as a double agent and was tasked with killing them all off, one by one. He pushed Strakk off the Iconox cliff edge and blamed a Skrall. He then tipped off several Bone Hunters about their location and later destroyed the Av-Matoran's jetpacks. When Scodonius arrived to help the team get back to Atero, Gresh stole Saran's dagger and beat Scodonous to death with his shield, then stabbed him and blamed the Av-Matoran as the dagger was made of Protodermis. However, Mesanth got herself mixed up in the situation and was blamed until she finally told them everything and was allowed to leave. Gresh then led the team up the Great Volcano, where he admitted he was the traitor and attacked them. However, Strakk reappeared, having survived his fall and been nursed back to health by Gladium. Strakk and Gresh then challenged each other. Gresh was about to kill Stakk when Master Glatorian jumped onto him and sent them both falling into the Volcano, killing them both.

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Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

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