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Biographical Information
TribeJungle Tribe
GroupOrder of Tollubo
  • Dark green
  • Silver
OccupationOrder of Tollubo member, Glatorian of Tesara
  • Double sword
  • Jungle Katana
  • Claw
  • Thornax launcher
  • Laser pin-pointer
  • Shield

Esora was a female Glatorian in the Jungle Tribe. She was also a member of the Order of Tollubo. She lost her left hand to a Zesk in a caravan attack several years ago.


Esora faught in the Core War in the Element Lord of Fire's Army. She later joined the Jungle Tribe at the development of the social system.

It is unknown how many matches she has faught but she was described as a "fierce warrior" on several occasions.

She was known to have attended a championship with Vastus, managing to defeat Kiina and Tarix in a two-on-two match and winning mechanical supplies, but later lost them to Ackar and Malum. These parts went on to be used to create the Cendox V1.

It is also known that Esora defeated a Skrall in an arena match and, on more than one occassion, has defeated Vorox in arena styled matches.

Invasion of RoxtusEdit

Esora travelled to the meeting and survived the Bone Hunter attack. She then, like the other Glatorian, pretended they had been captured by Tuma and brought to Roxtus. Tuma then freed them and they created a distraction while the Agori snuck into the village.


  • Esora was created by User:Matoro1 and finalized by User:Jollun, and was not based off anyone in real life.
  • Esora was origionally in the Element lord of Fire's army, then joined the Jungle Tribe.
  • Despite possible hinting in the Code of War story, Esora did not have any realationship with Gresh.
  • Esora is Matoro1's second favourite Glatorian charater to write about.


"Ok, he might be as annoying as a Zesk bite in the backside but we need him."
―Esora talking about Gresh
"What's he done... other than set you hut on fire?"
―Esora talking to Branash in Sands of Silence


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