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ColorsBlack, silver
LocationThe endless ocean
Pronunciation Door-ak

Dorak was an Av-Matoran who was recruited into the Brotherhood as an assasin of the other Av-Matoran.


It remains unknown where Dorak was sent to Stelt in the Time Slip but he eventually recruited into the Brotherood and ordered to hunt down the other Av-Matoran, along with several other Matoran around the Matoran Universe, including Ahkmou.


Dorak later established a room in an inn in Stelt. He was attacked by Saran, where he was defeated and forced to explain what he knew of the Plan and his role in the Brotherhood, letting slip the fact that Saran was one of the Av-Matoran he was meant to assasinate. Saran escaped before he could raise an alarm and left him unconsious in his room.

Battle of MahriEdit

50 years later, after he journeyed to the Southern Continent and pushed Gavla off a cliff edge and onto several sharp rocks, Dorak boarded the 'Mahri Manas', which was a ship headed from the Southern Continent to Destral for Miserix's convocation. The ship carried three Makuta, a Matoran named Tollubo and several hundred Visorak. When the Toa Noma's ship attacked a Brotherhood ship, Dorak accompanied Tollubo to a part of the hull where Saran's scout force was. There was a short battle, which resulted in Jollun managed to impale Dorak in the shoulder. Dorak did not die from this wound but drowned when the ship sunk.


Powers and ToolsEdit

Dorak wielded a pair of Blades, which allowed him to shoot bolts of light while in Karda Nui.
He also wore a Kanohi Mahiki.


  • Dorak was based off the character 'Paucar Waimi' in the Darren Shan book, 'Procession of the dead'.