Biographical Information
TribeFire Tribe
GroupFire Tribe
ColorsDark Red
OccupationMaintaining Atero Arena
LocationWasteland wolf hive

Crotesius is an Agori from the Fire Tribe.


Crotesius's first appearance was in Riddle of the Great Beings story serial while assisting in some maintenance work to the Atero's arena. He stumbled upon Tarduk as he found a map to a Red Star and insisted on traveling with him on a mission to the north of Bara Magna to find out what it meant. Kirbold also tagged along on the expedition.
The group were later followed by a pack of Wasteland Wolves until they were lured into their hive.

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Crotesius was a member of the Order of Tollubo and one of the secret agents, who were unknown to the other members. He was known to participate with Ackar against the Cendox V3 and Tarix. They won but Crotesius ran over Ackar's foot. This did not injure him greatly but was notably mentioned.
He was also known to have discovered the Elbow Peek base and helped smuggle Gladium back into the Ice Tribe. He hid in an Order base in Gatherer's Ridge, where he stayed with Eselox and helped bring Natrix back to health. The team are about to head off to help the other members return to Atero safely.


Order of Tollubo (v|e)

Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

Leaders: Betak  • Tollubo

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