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Tribe Ice Tribe
Occupation Vehicle builder
Element Iron
Tools Ice sword, ice staff
Status Lands of Peril universe: Alive
Deserts of Death universe:Deceased
Location Terra Magna
Pronunciation ah-TEAR-ee-us

Aterius was an Agori who lived on Terra Magna.


Lands of Peril universeEdit

Early lifeEdit

Aterius was once a member of the Iron Tribe. When the Dreaming Plague struck the tribe, most of the members were killed and the ones who survived were shunned by the other tribes because they feared that the survivors still carried the disease. Aterius understood that, and painted his armor light blue and white, pretending to be an Ice Agori.

When the Shattering struck, he was stranded on a fragment of the planet which was caught by the gravity of the planet Terra Magna.

Terra MagnaEdit

The piece on which Aterius was eventually crashed into Terra Magna. Aterius and the rest of the Agori survived, and took refuge in the Great Jungle. After some conflicts with the Bone Hunters, who had come there the same way as the Agori, the Agori settled in a large city in the Great Jungle of Terra Magna.

At some point, he was sent north on a quest to bring back some of a very powerful liquid, which was requested by the village leaders. After running into a Giant Scorpion in the Great Mountains and being attacked by Bone Hunters, he eventually met Betak. After some time, he managed to convince her to help him on his quest.

Soon, they were attacked by Bone Hunters again, and Aterius was captured, after being knocked unconscious by a Thornax fruit.

After several more events, they were buried in an avalanche. Fortunately, Takboyr soon found them and helped them out, with the help of Icus.

Deserts of Death universeEdit

In this universe, Aterius was captured by Bone Hunters while escorting Catar's caravan, which led to them both being captured. Catar managed to escape with the help of Eselox, but Aterius was not as fortunate, and ended up being infected by a Kraata.

Aterius later rose through the ranks of Rotam's army and became a trusted hunter; so trusted, in fact, that he was sent to the Skrall's Iconox reeducation camp to oversee the Agori of the Water and Fire Tribes were reeducated.

Tollubo and Betak were to be killed. Aterius battled with them in a vat room and picked up several injuries until he was finally impaled by one of Tollubo's swords and fell into the vat, where he died. However, he managed to drag Betak down with him.

Abilities and traitsEdit



Aterius was taller and stronger than most other Agori; this was because the Great Beings had experimented with him and given him more mechanical implants than any other Agori. He was nearly Glatorian-sized, and was nearly as strong as one.

He has alway been interested in technology. He was a very skilled fighter, and very adventurous; he was often outside of his village.


Strength: 9
Agility: 12
Toughness: 10
Mind: 12